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October 23, 3008

October 23rd, 2008 admin

When I sat down in Dante’s Classical Sources on Thursday, Fr. Howard placed a box of cornflakes, a container of raspberries, and some napkins on my desk. Everyone in the class was extremely confused by the mini-breakfast adorning my desk, so Fr. Howard asked if any of us knew what type of berries he had given me. We all exchanged blank stares, and Eric poignantly replied, “Dante berries.” Fr. Howard then informed us that raspberries are also called Garden of Eden berries, and he thought that raspberries were an appropriate meal for me because I’m deciphering the last four cantos (including Dante’s entrance into the Garden of Eden) of the Purgatorio. And this is just one reason as to why I love the Jesuit experience! Come to think of it, raspberries actually are somewhat formed in the same way as Dante’s Mount Purgatorio…

Anyway course enrollment booklets were distributed to all students on Friday. I can’t believe that we’re already at the halfway point of the semester. Next semester’s courses were actually posted on-line at the beginning of the week, so Carrie and I got a head start. I thought that I had planned next semester perfectly, and then I found out on Friday that I was accepted into the College Honors Program. While I’m excited about that, my acceptance threw a monkey wrench into my plans for next semester. One of the requirements of the Honors Program is that I have to take two honors program seminars, and one of them must be taken in my sophomore second semester. So, at the moment, I’ve whittled my courses to six or so. One of the honors seminars offered next semester is the Ideological Destruction of Art, and Professor Ellen Perry will teach it. I am going to wake up at 6:30 a.m. on enrollment day just to make sure that I will be in that seminar! By the end of next semester, I will hopefully be finished with my common area requirements and my readings courses for my English major. Bah! Why does Holy Cross offer so many amazing courses?! 

This weekend was Family Weekend. While my parents were unable to attend (don’t worry; they’ll be visiting in about a week or so!), I wasn’t an orphan. My friends’ families graciously adopted me for dinner on Saturday night. I spent most of my weekend working in Kimball. Why, you ask? As an incentive to work this weekend, we were paid time and a half. While the dollar is now stronger against the pound, I really do have to start saving now for a year abroad! So, even though my family couldn’t make it, this weekend certainly did turn out all right! Oh, yes, except for the fact that I haven’t really finished any of my readings or applications. Hmmm…about that…

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