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September 16, 2008

September 16th, 2008 admin

Whenever I begin any of my readings, I feel like I have entered a time warp. To give you an idea, my most modern source is Beowulf. My carrel in the library probably looks similar as some Medieval monks’ – St. Augustine’s Confessions, The Aeneid, the Bible, and “Beowulf.” Despite the time lapse, I’m loving every minute of all of my classes, and each class dovetails with the other. For instance, we’re learning about how St. Augustine’s Confessions completely changed philosophy and marked the end of Classical philosophy. Having read The Aeneid is a benefit because it allows me to see the distinction between Classical and Christian ideals.

In addition to classes, everything has instantaneously become hectic.  Kimball continues to go well; all of the freshmen workers now have a grasp of what jobs they like and don’t like. It’s really going much smoother now. Lastly, all of my applications are going well. This semester is extremely busy, as I’m applying for the College Honors Program, Study Abroad, and the Washington DC semester, in addition to several outside internships and scholarships. Ah! Normally, I’m not this busy, and it’ll all be over by mid-October.

Well, I’m off to attend the 43rd Hanify-Howland Memorial Speech, which is going to be presented by John Ashcroft!

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