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September 2, 2008

September 2nd, 2008 admin

Is it really already Tuesday? I’ve really been back on campus for a week now? Classes are already beginning tomorrow? That’s kind of scary. Anyway, Kimball week was a success. I learned how to correctly operate the pulper, so there won’t be any explosions or anything.

Most importantly, welcome Class of 2012! Saturday was an absolute blur. Both Ashley and I were up at 6:45 a.m. that day. I worked at Kimball in the morning, and made sure that the lunch shift was ready for the surge of freshmen and their families. Ashley had last minute room inspections and began to prepare for the freshmen moving in. Then, at 9:00 a.m., the campus exploded with overstuffed cars and excited freshmen. Of course, seeing everyone move in really made me remember where I was a year ago.

While Ashley was helping her residents settle into Wheeler throughout the afternoon, I was at the Hart center preparing for the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Usually, the mass is held outside, but rain was in the forecast this year. And, even though it didn’t rain at all, the mass was still beautiful inside, and occurred without a single problem. There was a twist to the “good-bye” moment this year. Instead of the students leaving the parents like last year, the parents had to leave the students.

Since then, the campus has simply exploded with people. There are Orientation posters and signs everywhere, and the bookstore is always packed now. I’m honestly quite glad to be living on a Freshman floor again. I’ve never known anything else, and it really is fun to somewhat “re-live” freshman year again. Of course, this time, I’m seeing the other side. Ashley has been a great RA so far, and she’s been so enthusiastic about this entire process.

In addition to the new students, the campus also has many new faculty members on campus. I was one of the four tour guides on the Dean’s Tour this year (Elizabeth Heston, a fellow blogger, was another one), and teaching doctorate holders was definitely a new experience! It’s just kind of funny to me how I came to Holy Cross a year ago not knowing where Stein Hall was, and now I’m giving tours. See, there is hope, new students!

Classes officially start tomorrow. I have Jesus and His Contemporaries, Medieval Literature, and Medieval Philosophy all tomorrow. I am extremely excited for all of my classes this semester, and I cannot wait for them to begin. I’m sure that I’m going to wish that I had never said that about halfway through the semester. But, anyway, I’ve got to finish some reading for tomorrow. Yes, I’ve already been assigned work, and classes haven’t even begun!









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