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April 17, 2008

April 17th, 2008 admin

There are three weeks left in my freshman year, and the remaining days are fleeting. I only have two more US Intelligence classes left. I only have one FYP paper, one International Relations paper, one US Intel paper, one Latin paper, a Latin quiz, and my three finals left. I know I keep on writing this, but I really can’t believe that time has flown this quickly.

Sophomore years seems to be starting right now. I just registered for next semester’s classes. I was lucky enough to get all four, so I’ll be taking Dante’s Classical Sources, Medieval Literature, Medieval Philosophy, and Jesus & His Contemporaries. On top of that, I’ve been training for Kimball Captain, and trying to get ready for the new freshmen workers next year. I was nominated for Liturgical Coordinator, so I’ve been talking with Paul Covino about mass schedules for next year. I’ve begun shadowing tour groups, and I’ve learned more about the history of Holy Cross within the past week than all of Dinand Library could contain. As if starting sophomore year now wasn’t scary enough, junior year seems to be creeping up on me as well. I’ve been talking to Study Abroad about studying at Oxford University for my Junior year. It feels like the O’Kane clock tower isn’t telling the correct time.

Tonight, I saw the Fools’ weekly show at Cool Beans. Jess was performing her solo, “I’m the Only One.” It was phenomenal. She sounded great as a soloist, and all the other Fools provided the perfect accompaniment. I recorded her performance, but iPhoto isn’t downloading the file from my camera. It’s frustrating, but it is providing some nice distraction from all of my papers and such! Just kidding. Sort of.

Well, I have to get back to my papers right now. I’m currently writing my Latin paper. Professor Vodoklys assigned us to rewrite the founding of our hometown within the plotline of the Aeneid. Combining Latin, Creative Writing, and History? Needless to say, I am having way too much fun with this assignment.

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