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April 10, 2008

April 10th, 2008 admin

“Legally Blonde” is one of my favorite movies; it’s certainly ranked on my top five list. Because of my love for that movie, “Perfect Day,” the opening and closing song, is one of my favorite songs. When my alarm went off this morning, my iPod, which was set on shuffle, started playing “Perfect Day.” And, luckily, today was just that.

Well, let’s begin with the weather. It has been absolutely gorgeous for the past couple of days, but today was exceptionally beautiful. Today was the definition of spring made manifest. Flowers around the campus are beginning to bloom, and the view is simply enough to make anyone happy.

In Professor Kee’s class, we’re reading Dostoevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor from The Brothers Karamazov. Today, Professor Kee told us that Holy Cross is sponsoring a Dostoevsky conference this weekend. The lecturers hail from all over the globe, and these scholars are among some of the most brilliant minds in Russian literature. Professor Kee then told us that students of Holy Cross are allowed to sit in on the lectures for free, and Jess and I are planning on attending at least one tomorrow. I am so excited to be able to listen to some of the world’s most prominent Slavic Literature scholars to speak! Yes, I do realize how nerdy this sounds.

In a way, it seemed that even the buildings wanted us to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. At around 3:00, the power went out all over campus. No lights, no computers, nothing. The power eventually came back on, but, by that time, we were all playing outside that it didn’t even matter.

My SPUD was canceled for today, so we all decided to have a picnic dinner outside. We all grabbed boxed meals from Lower Kimball, and ate outside. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had while at college. We played “duck, duck, goose,” (I promise we’re freshmen in college) and just enjoyed being outdoors. By the end of dinner, there was a large grass stain on Katie’s skirt, and that really made us all feel like five year olds. I’m trying to explain why it was so fun, but I just can’t! Hopefully the pictures below will give you all an idea as to why this was the most fun dinner I’ve had at college.

Today was just an overall gorgeous and happy day. Actually, it’s been a happy couple of days. I was accepted into the tour guide program, nominated to be a Liturgical Coordinator for next year, and promoted to Kimball Captain. All of my classes have been going well, and my friends and I are having the time of our lives. I know how incredibly sappy that sounds, but it’s quite true!




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