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April 5, 2008

April 6th, 2008 admin

Remember the warning in one of my recent posts? Don’t give college girls with some time to kill hair dye kits? Well, here’s the story behind that warning.

Last week, Ashley was pondering changing her hair color. She said she wanted to dye it blonde (well, more blonde than it was already). When I got back to my room, I told Carrie about what Ashley wanted to do. Carrie seemed interested, and that was pretty much the last we all talked about it.

Then, last Friday, the three of us went off to Target at Blackstone Shops. As we wandered around, Ashley spotted the hair dye aisle. We all went down the  aisle, and then the three of us decided that we had at least half an hour free that night. Why not dye our hair? So we all picked out different shades. Ashley chose platinum (and I mean platinum) blonde; Carrie chose a mahogany color, and I chose a strawberry blonde.

After lots of shampoo, water, and hair dye had saturated the bathroom floor, Ashley ended up with Barbie blonde; Carrie ended up sporting a deep chestnut color, and mine turned out to be a more golden color than anything else. Well, Katie was on Manresa that weekend, and when she came back on Sunday and saw the results, she decided that she wanted to dye her hair too.

Well, fast forward to yesterday. Like last weekend, we went to Target, and Katie picked up a box of auburn hair dye. Ashley decided that she didn’t want to be blonde anymore, so she bought a box of dye that was a darker auburn than Katie’s. After employing the help of Ashley’s friend from Northeastern, Danny, the two of them had dyed their hair. When I began to wash out Katie’s hair, however, something seemed wrong. The color wasn’t exactly matching the color indicated on the box. When she dried her hair, she seemed disappointed that it was so dark. Then I had a suspicion. As I began to wash out Ashley’s hair, my suspicion was confirmed. Ashley’s hair was unfolding in strands of bright auburn. Even though we had been so careful and made sure that we indicated whose dye was whose, we still messed it up. Ashley ended up with Katie’s bright auburn, and Katie ended up with Ashley’s darker dye. All I can say is that it’s a good thing I am not going to beauty school.

So, the moral of the story? Just do not allow college students to purchase hair dye. We’re too focused on our books to even realize whose dye is whose!








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