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April 2, 2008

April 2nd, 2008 admin

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Growing up, I remember my grandfather would always say that phrase. Whenever  Papa presented me with a list of options, and when I replied with his favorite phrase of mine, “I dunno,” he would always chuckle and mutter, “Decisions, decisions, decisions.”

In high school, I thought I had a lot of decisions to make. Should I take AP Environmental Science instead of AP Chemistry? Should I quit dance and join the theater program? Should I take both French and Latin? Should I go to China with People to People? What colleges should I apply to? Which college should I go to? I thought that I had a myriad of decisions before me in high school.

And then I came to the College of the Holy Cross, where I realized that what I thought was a myriad of decisions in high school was really a pithy amount. I can’t remember the last time that I have had the opportunity to make so many wonderful decisions in my life than this week alone. In addition to the sheer magnitude of decisions that I have to make, there’s one very large difference between these and the decisions I had to make in high school. These decisions could very well affect my future career, which is an extremely scary and daunting thought!

What classes should I take? Well, thankfully, I’ve narrowed my class options down to about eight, and I’m meeting with my advisor next week to make the final cut. Should I switch my major to World Literature or stay an English major? After a long, heartfelt talk with Professor Kee, I’ve decided to stay an English major. Should I study abroad this summer? I just got off the phone with my parents, and I think that I will be. I’m just very happy that I have people in my life, whether they be professors or my parents, that I can go to and will listen to me weighing the pros and the cons aloud. With all their support and help, I know I can make the right decisions to help my academic career reach its full potential. I know that I’ve made at least one right decision – coming to Holy Cross. I honestly feel that not as many wonderful options would be as readily available to me if I had attended any other college.

Ah, decisions. Well, at least now, I’m not shrugging my shoulders and saying, “I dunno.” Papa might be impressed that I’ve grown up a little.

Only a little, though. When I found out that I was accepted as a tour guide, I jumped up and down, danced around my room, blasted “Perfect Day” by Hoku, and screamed in very high pitches. I’m still a five year old at heart!

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