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March 17, 2008

March 17th, 2008 admin

Because I have written so very little for the past couple of weeks, I have decided to treat you all to an exceptionally long entry.

Wednesday, March 12:
I was a terrible Crusader. I should be stripped of my Crusader standing, according to Coach Gibbons. Yes, I decided to go to Dr. Cornel West’s speech instead of supporting my Lady Crusaders as they faced Bucknell for the Patriot League Championship.

Of course, Dr. Cornel West’s speech was worth it. The talk was entitled, “Courageous Dialogues: Democracy, Peace, and Building Unity in Times of Division.” He spoke about connecting our Christianity with how we choose to change society. He linked how the combination of Athens and Jerusalem is truly a powerful and changing force. That major point was especially pressing to everyone in Professor Kee’s FYP section. Last semester, we studied the rise of philosophy in Athens and the rise of theology in Jerusalem, and this semester, we’re connecting the two through various pieces of literature.

Of course, Dr. West is also one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever heard, and he laced many humorous asides to provide a comical relief from the large issues about which he was talking. For instance, he said, “Socrates is like Jesus in one regard – he never wrote a word! However, I do not suggest students follow those two in that one aspect.” Even though I am heartbroken that I wasn’t there to support my Lady Crusaders, I am most certainly glad I attended Dr. West’s speech.


Thursday, March 13:
I really didn’t do much on Thursday. I went to FYP, where we discussed The Metamorphosis in deeper context. Professor Kee made us try to connect with Gregor’s family members, arguably the most despicable characters in the book. And when the class did that, our perception of their actions was almost instantly changed. Professor Kee is just brilliant like that. I then went to International Relations, where we talked about international morality and law, and also began to explore the workings of the UN.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to SPUD  because I had a lot of on-campus meetings. I hurried off to Kimball because it was Chicken Parmesan night. This, future students, is the best Kimball meal.

Friday, March 14:
I went off to work at Kimball in the morning, and I nearly forgot it was Friday. As a Lenten commitment, I don’t eat animal products on Fridays, and yet I found myself in the omelet line. I then realized it was Friday, and settled for some oatmeal instead. After work, I got dressed for my Kimball Captain interview. I think the interview went well, and we’ll see if I get the job or not during the first week of April!

After Latin, my friends and I all hung out, and then went to dinner (which was pancakes. Brilliant!). We joined Haley at her radio show, but I think that we were just distracting her. Ashley, Katie, Mia, and I were just flabbergasted by the amount of CDs in that room. After Haley’s show, we went over to Ashley’s room, watched “Once,” and played “Would You Rather?” It was a fantastic Friday night!

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Saturday, March 15:
After sleeping in until nearly noon, Jess, Haley, Ashley, Katie, and I all went down to Kimball for brunch. Being the cool kids that we are, we then disbanded to finish some homework before hanging out later on in the evening. Everyone but Haley and I decided to watch “The Ring” (After my friends convinced me that I would love “Saw” and “28 Days Later,” there was no way that I was falling for their claims that I would love “The Ring” as well), so we hung out with Alyssa, Carrie, Tina, Patricia, and Margaretmary. It was this night that I found my love of Guitar Hero. I mean, I’m terrible at it, but it is such a fun game! I might have to convince my parents that that would make the perfect birthday present. Unfortunately, I don’t think that that will happen!

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Sunday, March 16:
I taught CCD this morning, and my supervisor informed me that I only have two more CCD sessions. As painful as it’s been sometimes to get up, eat breakfast, and get dressed up extremely early on Sunday mornings, I really do love CCD, and I can’t believe that I only have two more sessions before my students make their Confirmation. I do believe that they’re ready to receive this Sacrament, but I just never thought that time would fly this quickly.

After CCD, I taught my floor of Hanselman Irish Step dance in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I taught them two reels (they even got it on both feet!) and a traditional set called “St. Patrick’s Day.”

After that, I tried (and kind of failed) to finish some reading for this week. As weird as this sounds, I felt the need to just walk around outside to enjoy the last of the cold weather. I’m quite excited for Spring, but there really is nothing like filling your lungs with some icy winter air. Hey, at least it was physical exercise, right?

I went to Palm Sunday Mass, and it was one of the best Masses I have ever attended. The spiritual life at Holy Cross is so exemplary, and I’m so glad that I’m a part of Liturgical Ministry. The first part of this Mass was conducted outside, where all the congregation received palms. After Fr. Hayes said the opening of the Mass and made us all remember the true importance of Palm Sunday, we all processed inside while singing “Hosanna.” There is no other word to describe this experience other than beautiful. The chapel was all lit up, and the a capella music just made it that much more gorgeous. There was standing room only, and St. Joseph’s chapel can seat 900 people. That’s how many students were there. It was a perfect way to end the night.

And that’s my exceptionally long recap of the past couple of days!

P.S. Next semester (when I’ll be a sophomore…now, that’s a scary thought), the Classics Department is offering a class called “The Classical Sources of Dante.” Should I even attempt to put my euphoria into writing?

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