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February 15, 2008

February 15th, 2008 admin

The dictionary defines “cacophony” as a “harsh, grating, or discordant noise.” Yes, that word is the only one that suffices to explain what woke me up yesterday morning at 4:30. At first, I thought that it was the alarm on my iHome going off. However, I knew that I had set the alarm for 6:45, and I had also programmed it to wake up to my iPod. I rolled over and saw Carrie out of bed and putting on her coat. I thought that that was a strange sight, until I saw the flashing lights. Then I knew –  the fire alarm was going off.

So, all of the kids living in Hanselman shuffled (more like sleep-walked) outside, and waited while the Worcester Fire Department came in and found what had caused it (someone was cooking an omelet and forgot about it. No, I’m not really sure why someone was cooking an omelet of all things at 4:30 in the morning.). When they determined that it was safe, we were all allowed back inside. At 6:45, my iPod alarm did go off, and “Burnin’ Love” started to play. Later on in the day, Carrie’s shuffle started to play “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Talk about ironic.

Today hasn’t really been all that eventful. I have an Intelligence paper due on Tuesday, and it’s assigned length is seven to nine pages. I’ve been organizing and writing that paper all day. Tomorrow, I get to work at Kimball and then study for my Latin test that is on Monday. I guess it’s only fair. I did have an extremely fun weekend last week. I’m currently writing this paper at Cool Beans, and the view is definitely distracting me!

I’ll try to update as much as I possibly can this coming week, but I don’t think I’m going to have much time.

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