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December 18, 2007

December 18th, 2007 admin

I really never thought that my blog was read so far across the country. At Mass on Saturday, my dad was setting up (he’s a sacristan), and a couple that he knows came up to him. They asked him if his daughter was, indeed, the “blogger” for Holy Cross. When he told them yes, they said that their daughter is interested in Holy Cross and is a junior at St. Pius (kind of a rival of my high school, but that’s all right.). They told him that they had been reading the blog since I started writing. It was great to see that people even down in Georgia are reading it. I mean, in my interview for this position, I did say that I hoped to attract kids that weren’t from the New England area. I guess I accomplished that goal!

Also, I’ve received some friend requests on Facebook from members of the Class of 2012. (I really don’t want to think about them coming in only because I’ll be a sophomore by then. That’s a scary thought.) This is just a Christmas present in itself! I would request every 2012 member that I could as a friend, but that might come across as either overzealous or just plain weird.

Aside from internet connections, I’ve really enjoyed being home. Holy Cross is absolutely wonderful, but it is nice to stay up on a Monday and not worry about work that would be due for either Professor Ireland’s or Professor Kee’s class tomorrow. Oh yes – I’ve enjoyed waking up to my bird instead of an alarm clock. It’s a nice change.

Tomorrow, I’m heading off to visit my high school just to say hello to some of my favorite teachers. I’ll be heading back there on January 10th to give a presentation about Holy Cross. Am I a freshman or what? If you couldn’t tell from my involvement, I really like it here!

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