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December 6, 2007

December 6th, 2007 admin

Hi Everyone! It has been absolutely crazy on the hill. Between the snow, exams, and final assignments, everyone around here is either in their room or in the library (or, if you love food, like me, in Kimball!). I just got back from a meeting for the CCD teachers at the various parishes in Worcester, and I’m just taking a quick break before I delve back into my work. My last FYP paper is due tomorrow, and my last CRAW paper is due on Saturday. I can’t believe that I’m almost finished with CRAW. My first move as an English major is almost complete!

As much as I love it on the hill, I can’t wait to go back home and just rest for an entire month!

P.S. Last night, Haley decided to make sweet tea with me in Kimball. My ways are spreading…

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