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November 29, 2007

November 29th, 2007 admin

There is one part of Southern culture without which I cannot function properly: sweet iced tea. Now, up North, sweet iced tea is about as foreign as ancient Hittite. One time, when I was visiting my family up here, I ordered sweet iced tea in a restaurant. The waitress looked at me as if I had ordered in fluent mandarin Chinese.

Well, when I went back to Georgia for Thanksgiving break, my mom bought me a half gallon of liquid gold – no, not oil, but freshly brewed sweet iced tea. Within the five days that I was home, I drank every last drop of dulcet goodness that came from that jug of gold. Since then, I’ve been in withdrawal because Kimball only serves that nasty Nestea stuff. I’ve been exhibiting common symptoms. You know, headaches, fevers, cold sweats, waking up in the middle of the night screaming “SWEET TEA!”

Tonight at Kimball, I came up with an ingenious plan to satiate my sweet tea cravings. I procured two plastic cups. I filled one with hot water the other I filled with ice. I brewed one teabag in the cup with hot water, and added one or two packets of sugar (well, more like six or seven). I then put the mixture in the cup of ice, and I bated my breath as I took a sip. Could this be a panacea to my sweet tea cravings? Would this be a relevant substitute? Was a henchman from Dining Services going to come after me for cracking plastic cups because I filled them with hot water?

And lo, dear reader, the drink was like liquid gold. The sugary goodness sufficed.     So, to any prospective Southern students, if the thought of no sweet tea fills you with qualms about coming to Holy Cross, put them aside, and I shall show you the magic of my ways.

Back to the real college world, this week has been going quite well. I accidently forgot my cell phone charger at home, so I’ve been living in the Stone Age without my cell phone (really – how did human civilization function before them?!). Other than that, classes are beginning to wind down, but my workload is increasing daily. I seriously cannot believe that this semester is nearly over. As Professor Kee said in class today, “You are one-eighth finished with your career at Holy Cross.” Now that was a more frightening thought than a world without sweet tea.

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