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November 8, 2007

November 8th, 2007 admin

I would just like the time to say that no one can stop the Patriots this season. No one. Back to life on the hill.

Well, this next week is not going to be fun. I’ve got a paper due tomorrow (luckily, it’s the Latin paper that I thought was due two weeks ago, so it’s already finished), next Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I’m waiting for Professor Kee right now to go over my paper; luckily, the professors here are extremely helpful with assignments. For instance, one day, Professor Ireland and I spent an hour going over what I can enhance and change in my writing style.  It was extremely helpful!

In other news, it’s a brisk 36 degrees here. One of my friends, Ryan, is from Minnesota, and he is clad in nothing but khaki shorts and a tee shirt. I’m currently wearing a scarf, long pants, boots, and a jacket. While I might be a tad excessive, there is no way that Ryan can be warm – no way. My sister called me from Colgate yesterday to tell me that it started snowing there. That means that we should be getting snow any day now. I am quite excited!

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