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September 27, 2007

September 27th, 2007 admin

Well, the day has come and passed. I handed in my first college paper at approximately 8:03 a.m. (I honestly just made that time up; I wasn’t that obsessed with this paper). After turning it in, I decided to give myself a little holiday because of all the hours I’ve been putting into that paper, so I came back to my dorm and just relaxed for a while. I had a meeting with Dean Freeman this morning about creating my own International Relations minor. The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies is really an awesome academic department, and I’m excited to work with them over the next four years in shaping my minor.

Aside from that, I plan on continuing to relax somewhat today, and I’ll probably head off to the library for a couple of hours of study time for tomorrow’s classes. I do promise that I have a life, and it doesn’t revolve solely around my classes. This week has just been extremely busy for my friends and me, so I don’t really have anything interesting to report about the happenings in Worcester.

Until next time!

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