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September 24, 2007

September 24th, 2007 admin

Hey everyone!

Today wasn’t too busy. I went off to my shift at Kimball at 7:00 this morning. Sometimes, I want to throw my alarm clock against the wall when it starts going off at 6:15 and I see my roommate still sleeping, but working at Kimball isn’t all that bad. My captains definitely make the job fun, and receiving a nice paycheck in my mailbox every week is definitely a plus.

After my shift, I went around to all the freshmen dorms and put up my campaign posters. It’s a great to get to know some more of my classmates, and now I’m not only known as the “blog girl,” but also as “that girl who’s running for President.”

I then went off to the library to work on – you guessed it! – my English paper. My one class, Latin, went well. We got back a quiz today that I was sure on which I didn’t do too well, but I was pleasantly surprised with a B!

Right now, I’m in the library again (I told you all – I fell in love with Holy Cross because of Dinand!), and I’m still working on this paper. I promise that I’ll hopefully have more interesting entries as soon as this paper is finished. But for now, I have to go back to Richard Eberhart’s “The Groundhog.”

Until tomorrow!

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