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September 7, 2007

September 10th, 2007 admin

Yesterday and today are a blur to me right now! I’ve been incredibly busy for the past two days. I started Thursday morning  waking up a full half-hour earlier than I needed to. Why, you ask? Coolbeans had pumpkin whoopie pies (it’s pretty much a cake sandwich with an icing filling). My roommate, Carrie, and I headed over there where we had a breakfast of champions – our prized pumpkin whoopie pies and coffee. After that, my day was interspersed with classes, going to the library to finish homework, and somehow finding time to eat dinner with my friends.

After dinner was the premier First Year Program common reading session. All six sections of the First Year Program were recently required to read Helen Keller’s The Story of My Life. The common reading session was extremely interesting because there were six different interpretations of the book from six different professors of different backgrounds. Dean Freeman offered his psychological analysis of the work; Professor Hummon presented a view of Helen Keller’s learning of language from a sociological point of view; Professor Kee provided insight into some of the more confusing linguistic terms within the book; Professor Ober analyzed the book from a genetic and evolutionary perspective; Professor Reno deciphered some of the book’s politics, and, lastly, Professor Dustin offered a more philosophical understanding of the work. It was definitely an interesting opportunity to see six completely different perspectives all on one piece of literature. Ah, the power of books!

After the FYP session, I headed off to a study group for the Making of the Modern Middle East. After that, I came back to the dorm in order to prepare my translation of “De Officiis” for my Latin class and also finish up for our group presentation for the Making of the Modern Middle East.

This morning, I woke up extremely early again in order to go to work at Kimball Dining hall. After my three hour shift there, I came back to finish preparing for my Latin and Making of the Modern Middle East classes. And now, I’m sitting quite contently on my bed and thinking of taking a nap.

I am quite exhausted right now! Thank goodness it’s the weekend!

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